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Other Data Analyst — which ANZSCO code?


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Hello everyone. I’m very confused at this point which skill to nominate as a Data Analyst. Here are my qualifications:
  1. Took 4 years Bachelor’s degree in Statistics
  2. Started working as Data Analyst from Mar 2018 - May 2021 (3 years and 2 months)
  3. New work now as an Analytics Consultant, same line of work as my first one (3 months and counting)
  4. Experienced in data analysis, reporting, visualization; uses SQL, Excel, Google Analytics, and familiar with Python, R, SAS, Power BI
I’m wondering which occupation to nominate. Lots of people are saying ICT Business Analyst, but my job qualifications don’t match that. Some say the Information and Org Professionals nec for Data Scientists, but I’m leaning towards Statistician.

Has anyone tried the Statistician occupation while working as a Data Analyst? If not, then which one did you use? Thank you!
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