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Different spelling of name in IELTS TRF and passport


Timeline missing
Recenty i cleared my Ielts exam

Actually my name didnt match with application form and passport. During my exam i informed them about this they told me that they will change it.

Today i got my results but my name was not corrected.
my full name was Shyam prasad paila but in score report it was shyam paila.

Is there any chance of correction in my score report.
Visit your IELTS center for correction & better assistance.
Sent them an email, got a call, they asked for below mentioned scanned documents.
2- Passport
3- Last Educational Transcript / Certificate

The key is, name should be same on every document and they are going to send the case to IDP. If they allow to amend, they will change it. There are no charges yet confirmed for the same. The case will be forwarded today and the reply will be coming till next working day. So lets hope for a good news. :)
Did they change?
OK, a friend of mine suggested me to go with the same TRF as he mentioned the CO have all the necessary tools to check whether its forged or not, which isn't. If asked by CO regarding the spelling difference we can still show them the reasons by presenting my regional CNIC and explain the CO why it happened.

After submission of EOI, I can opt for IELTS again and get better results with a correction of name while I am relaxed and get more points to add into my EOI. I kind of liked that idea, and willing to go for it without any delay.
Is it worked for you? because I am also dealing with similar case
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