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Doubt about entering Exp and edu details in 189 Visa Application

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Hi All

While submitting EOI, i provided only the work experience for which the ACS considers as relevant (i.e. after July 2010 to September 2015). However I have 8 years of experience whose details are as follows:
1 year - Not assessed by ACS due to insufficient details
2 years - reduced to satisfy the suitability criteria
5 years - relevant experience( its the only experience i mentioned in EOI)

I've got invitation to apply for the 189 Visa based on the correct points i claimed in EOI.
My doubt is whether to put details of all the 8 years of experience while lodging Visa application? Will it be considered as a mistake/misleading information on my part for not entering the details of first 3 years of employment in EOI?
Also, while entering education details, do i need to fill the details for my Secondary School examination and Senior School Certificate Examination?

Guys Please help!!!


Staff member
No issue as long as you didn't over-claim points in EOI. For visa application, you should put all the details, check first 3 years (where you didn't claim points) of experience as "Non relevant".

For educational detail, yes you have to put all education history from secondary level.

You can read below two threads (one of them has official DIBP response as well)

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