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Timeline missing
dear sir,
i have applied for 189 visa and co contacted me for more information. i have undergone a health examination a year ago and provided a hap id in application. now co sent me a letter for more information and said following information is required:
Immigration Health Examinations (for example: chest x-ray, medical examinations and/or blood tests as specified in the Health Examinations List)
under this he listed a new hap id and name of different examination which are written as completed.
You are required to undergo the following health examination(s) to ensure that you meet the health requirement for Skilled - Independent (subclass 189) visa. ● Medical Examination (Completed) ● HIV test (Completed) ● Chest X-ray Examination (Completed) ● Hepatitis C test (Completed) ● Hepatitis B test (Completed)
so i booked an appointment and went to hospital but they said all examinations are completed and can not be done again. moreover they tried to log in to my hap id and said it is not activated. when i try to log in to emedical it says no health case is available. please help me what should i do?
it has been a year to my previous health examination already and i think it is expired.
if all tests are completed then why the co sent me information requested? what kind of information is required based on this.
awaiting for your reply


Staff member
You should directly contact your CO asking for the clarification. HC can be asked again for 2 reasons:
  • The previous one expired
  • Your HC reveals something for which they ask for additional test
As the tests are already done, as confirmed by your hospital, just inform your CO about the whole situation and tell him that the hospital is not able to find the HAP ID (and said the tests cannot be done again).
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