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EOI Education History To Date for Bachelors Degree in case of Supplementary Subject


Timeline missing

I'm about to submit an EOI for Visa Subclass 189 and Visa Subclass 190 and have a question.
I've done Bachelor of Engineering which was a four year program (2005-2009). I finished my final(Eighth) semester in 2009 but had a
supplementary exam in one subject pending from my fourth semester, I wrote this exam in October 2010 and got the result in January 2011.
I've provided the same information and all relevant documents to the Australian Computer Society and they have issued me a letter which
states that I've completed my engineering in September 2009.
I'm not sure whether I should select September 2009 or October 2010 in the "Date to" field for my Engineering program in the
Education History section of the EOI. I really look forward to get the Visa so I want to make sure that I don't make any
mistake while filling the EOI. Please guide me in this regard.



Staff member
Generally Date To means the date you got your degree, the one that is written on your transcript. I believe the certificate/transcript of your degree mentioned the date of Jan 2011, which should be the case.

However, there is a catch. ACS subtract 2 years from your experience which they calls "to meet suitability criteria". Now, I couldn't find anywhere mentioned that 2 years has to be after your degree, but nevertheless you are not claiming any points for experience, so this shouldn't matter for you.

So, yup, you should mention the date printed on your certificate. Why ACS mentioned otherwise, give them a call/email.
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