EOI help - claim points for qualification with RPL


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I would like to ask some information about my case
I have an online bachelor degree in IT field which i could not get the first assessment and i got refuse because my bachelor degree was not recognised. I made my RPL and got assessment from ACS with 8 years experiments. My questions are
1. Am i getting 10 points with my RPL?
2. Can i claim that i have bachelor degree in my EOI, although it was not recognised by ACS assessmemt?
3. How can i claim that i have RPL in EOI form?
4. My spouse has assessment as life science technecian from VETASSEST with IELTS each skills 6. But when i fill the EOL form it is not giving me 5 points of her assessment!!! Why is that?
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I believe, to claim points for education, provided that ACS did not assess your education to any Aus standard, you need to assess it from VETASSESS (just for points against education). As skillselect says
SkillSelect said:
If the relevant assessing authority that conducts your skills assessment cannot give you an opinion about your qualifications, contact Vocational Education Training and Assessment Services.

Once you have that assessed, you should be able to claim points for qualification. Please note, most probably you'll need to get VETASSESS Points Test Advice.

However, for claiming points for experience, you have to follow ACS ruling (after deduction).

For points against partner's skill, there are few criteria, which you need to fulfill.
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