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EOI - received invite


Timeline missing

I have received an invite to apply for Aus last month . I have a issue I have missed mentioning my company acquisition details to ACS ( I worked for company A for 8 years and company A was acquired by company B , I worked for company B for 2 years and company B gave me a work experience letter for 10 years , which I submitted to ACS and got approval) . I got a invite from Skill seet to apply to visa based on my ACS approval letter . my querry is

1) if I go for applying for visa , will the visa officer ask me why u dint disclose the same to ACS
2) if the visa officer asks me this question , during my visa stage can I go back to AS at that time for ACS assessment to declare acquisition details and get reapproval
3) in case I let the current EOI expire , will I gt a second invite from Skill set if I apply again , what are the rules of skill set .. plz let me know ASAP


Timeline missing
I just stumbled across this post and not sure how relevant it's for you now, if company B has given you experience letter for 10 years which is combined for both A and B then its a genuine case. You should attach the official press release with citing company B acquiring company A and/or if you have a letter that your services are now transferred from company A to B.
This kind of scenario is very common since merger and acquisitions are a routine.
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