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Experience query


Timeline missing
I have 10+ years of experience. It is continuous. I was on maternity leave twice. As per policy, first 3 months was paid and remaining 6 months was unpaid. I returned back after leave. The reference letter from the company haven't marked anything regarding the same. I got my experience assessed from ACS. The payslips during the unpaid maternity leave mentions as Loss of Pay. Will there be a question raised if I submit my payslip. Is that ok as I am still in employment service.


Staff member
In the old booklet, it is mentioned that
DIBP said:
period of employment must have been accrued when you were in the workplace. This includes any extended paid leave such as maternity or other family leave.

Though it is missing in new booklet, nothing against is written as well. So, it should be safe to include paid maternity leave in your experience.

However, the unpaid one, I am not sure, and honestly I am little bit of skeptic whether they will allow if they notice.

In general, any missing payslip is not an issue, as it can happen you lost some of that. But for your case, well, again, I myself is confused now ...
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