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Getting a job after visa approval

Hi everyone.

I came up to this forum searching for information to apply for a work visa in Australia. I am from Honduras, Central America. I am an engineer with high English skills and I want to apply for a skilled independent visa (189). My wife is a general practitioner and speaks English as well.

I have searched a lot of information and I think I am ready for the EOI, but I still have doubts about the following processes. In case I proceed with all the requirements and at the end I get the approval, how do I get a job? I read that they give you a limited time to travel to Australia after the visa has been approved. Do I need to find a job via internet before I move there or do I have to move first and start searching for a job in Australia? I'll appreciate your advice.


Staff member
Once you have 189 visa, you are given a date by which you need to make your first entry. After that, you can stay, or leave and comeback anytime within 5 years (from your grant).

It's up to you how and when you search for a job, the Australian government wouldn't impose any requirement on you.
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