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GOT INVITE to apply for 189 sub class -URGENT Query


Timeline missing
i joined company `A` ( which is a US based software company) in January 2004 and worked there for 7.5 years . In 2012 company `A` was taken over by company `B` ( which is a US based software company) and my employment was transferred from company A to company B . Company B has given me a experience letter for a total 9.5 years , on company B letter head which I submitted to ACS for skills assessment and got a positive skills assessment report from ACS about 4 months back. But I missed out mentioning the acquisition details while applying to ACS for skills assessment.
I have submitted my EOI and I score 65 points , I HAVE GOT A INVITE TO APPLY FOR VISA .
My query is, should I apply to ACS for reassessment and update my company acquisition details and get a skills assessment done again from ACS and ignore my current EOI invite and update my EOI after 2 months ( after the current invite is lapsed) and then update my EOI with the new ACS approval OR should I go ahead with my existing ACS approval and if YES , will it cause any problems during VISA


Staff member
As I have told you already, directly ask the question to ACS, as you have months time to apply. It doesn't seem to have any issue, but better to get the answer from the authority.
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