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How do I prove a period of separation?

Hi team,

My name is Daniel. I lodged my EOI for 190 visa in May 2020 and was selected in October 2020. In my application, I had listed myself as single as I broke up with my partner in April 2020. However, we were staying together as house mates from Jan 2020 up until Jan 2021 (because of covid, I couldn't move out)

Now after being granted my PR in Nov 2021, we recently got back together and I would like to prepare getting her on a partner visa soon.

I am afraid that our previous living situation will affect my own visa as they may think i falsely claimed single 10 points.

If anyone has experienced something similar, could we get your advice please? how should we provide proof of separation? Thank you.


Staff member
I don't have any advise, neither have such experience. But without judging, the fact that you broke up just one month before you claimed point as single applicant, and planning to reconcile almost immediately after your visa is approved can raise some flags.
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