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How quick we need to move to the sponsoring state


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Hi MysticRiver,

I have a question about state sponsorship.

So I'm applying for a NSW state sponsorship as a life scientist and I'm currently working in NSW as well. I noticed that the Victorian government has an accelerated pathway for life scientists with a PhD which suits me. Could I apply for a Victorian state sponsorship with the intention of moving to Victoria eventually (subject ot me securing a job in Victoria first)? My job is fairly secured in NSW and I'm afraid of leaving everything behind and heading of to Victoria without a job.

Thanks for reading


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Well, if you get 190 visa with VIC sponsorship, they'll except you to relocate to VIC asap. Now, there is no hard & fast rule mentioned for relocation, but they definitely don't like the fact that you have the criteria of a job before you move to VIC.

From experience, nobody is going to arrest or deport you for being in NSW, but I am not sure how your record (of overstaying outside VIC during first 2 years) will be handled during your citizenship, because when you are given a state sponsorship, the main criteria is you will not live or work outside that state.
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