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How to request a change in visa condition - 8201 (max 3 months of study)


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I would like to ask a question regarding visa conditions and what to do to change them. I haven't found an answer in this regard on the forum and on the internet unfortunately.

I am currently residing in Australia as a partner (dependant) of a Student 500 holder (PhD student). So both of us are on Subclass 500-Student visa. My visa has a condition of 8201-Max 3 months study. I also decided to do my PhD and got awarded a PhD scholarship and admission offer from a university in Australia.

In this condition, in order to request DOHA to lift my 8201 visa condition, what should I do? Should I proceed with ''notification of changes in circumstances" by filling out this form ( https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/form-listing/forms/1022.pdf ), or should I make a new Student Visa-Subclass 500 application as an independent primary applicant?

Many thanks in advance for your time.


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Notification of changes in circumstances should not be applicable here, you either need exemption from 8201 (I am not sure if that's possible), or apply for a new independent visa.

I'd go for the latter (new independent visa), but probably a better idea would be to take counsel from your university.
I have the same situation here.
Can you update with more information of what was your result?

My situation:
I entered Australia with PhD Student Visa (Subclass 500 Post Graduate Research Sector) and my spouse is planning to join me on Subsequent Entrant Visa.
She wants to get a certificate III in Childcare before working as a Child Care Educator and needed to study at training center for 9 months - 1 year before she could start working.
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