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Incorrect answers on citizenship application

Hi all,

To anyone who can advise.
I made a number of simple but silly mistakes on my citizenship application.
1. I forgot to add my siblings citizenships thinking these were covered by the birth details. 2. also forgot to include my residence in the UK between 2013 and 2016 (thinking the section was holidays only)
3. Forgot to include two holidays that weren't stamped in my passport (to UK/ EU)
4. somehow accidentally listed myself in US for 5 years when it should have been 13 days (drop down boxes somehow messed this up!).

I have issued correction 1023 forms for all these mistakes but I am worrying myself into a bit of a tizz thinking they may just reject the application because of all these little mistakes that I have made.
Would I be better off to withdraw the application or just leave it as it is for the case officer to assess?
Are these issues going to negatively affect my application significantly?

Any help or experience would be great.
Thank you in advance.
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