Introducing Migration Desk Chat


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Dear Members,

As we have emphasized several times, the main goal of this forum is to build a long-term community, rather than a Q/A platform.

Hence, today we want to introduce Migration Desk Chat to improve social communication among us.

But, please limit the conversation in the chat to general discussion, chit-chat and community build-up, not for immigration related queries. We have forums for that, we want to strictly maintain that.

To begin with, the following users will be able to participate in the chat sessions
  • Staff Members (Admin/Moderator)
  • Entitled Members (Expert/Collaborator)
  • Members with at least 30 posts in last 15 days
Consider before posting:
  • Do not post the same thing in multiple places.
  • No personal contact and/or non-English phrase is allowed.
  • Always post in a relevant thread or open a new one.
  • Better to use the reactions in a post to congratulate/thank.