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Latest Invitation Round


October 2016 invitation

Hi Mystic,

I have noticed in some site that people have received an invitation on 12th October as well even DIBP has not announced results for the last round which I believe happened on 28th of September. Is there any way, we can find out what was the results outcome for 28th september round and also for the 12th october round? I am getting worries that there is no clarity whats happenning in the last few rounds what has happened. Can you please advise, if there is anyway, we can findout?
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Result publish date has nothing to do with invitation process. DIBP takes time to publish the result (sone times 2 weeks, sometimes more) but invitation process is computerized automated proceas and sent on due time. That's why though invitation has been sent for 12th Oct round,the 28th Sep result has not been published yet (I guess, the IT department of DIBP is not so active).

Unless DIBP publishes the result, there is no way you can know that.
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