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EA Mechanical engineer , Not claiming work experience !


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Hello All

I'm a mechanical engineer with 5 years of experience , i lodged my application to EA, they advised me that based on career episodes and summary statement , the assessment outcome would be mechanical engineering associate; which is not listed on SOL and almost only VIC can sponsor such occupation, at the moment , my application is held as I need to provide missing document related to work experience.

As my ultimate goal is positive assessment as mechanical engineer, im thinking to drop assessing relative work experience and rework episodes based on my education , in such case i lose 10 points for work experience ,which i intend to compensate by studying IELTs really hard to achieve 8 in all bands .

My concern is that would what i have mentioned be feasible, in other words , can i simply claim 65 points 30 (age) + 15 (Education) +20 ( IELTS) ??!

would this be okay during visa 189 processing ? will this rise any concern for both EA and DIBP during Visa processing specially im claiming points based on my education (6 years back ) and not related to my work experience !

any one with similar circumstances ??

Appreciate your advises !




Staff member
I don't see any issue. There is no rule what so ever that you need experience for applying PR. So, as long as you can reach that 60 point magic mark, you are eligible for submitting EOI and be processed further.
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