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As we are trying to build a community who will help each other and be in touch even after their purpose is served, we want to categorize members into different classes just for fun :).

The class system will distinguish members based on their activity in this forum and appreciate regular contributors. We mainly have 3 categories of classes based on your activity:
  • User Title Ladder: This is based on your posts. The higher number of posts you have, the higher you'd go up in the ladder. This is easier to achieve and below are the targets for your reference
    • 0-4 posts: Newbie
    • 5-49 posts: Wanderer
    • 50-99 posts: Commoner
    • 100-499 posts: Regular
    • 500 posts and above: Associate
  • User Trophy: Based on your activity, you can accumulate trophies which will be shown next to your profile
    • First Message: 1
    • Somebody Likes You: 2
    • Keeps Coming Back (30 posts): 5
    • Can't Stop! (100 posts): 10
    • I Like It a Lot (received 25 likes): 10
    • Seriously Likeable! (received 100 likes): 15
    • Addicted (1000 posts): 20
    • Can't Get Enough of Your Stuff (received 250 likes): 20
    • I LOVE IT! (received 500 likes): 30
  • User custom title: To certain members, we will award custom titles. This will mainly reflect members who show their intent to help others
    • Expert: Shows continuous support and have a good knowledge of the immigration system
    • Collaborator: Shows continuous support and you can rely on the member for any help
  • Forum regulators: We will offer few members to be moderators in this forum to help us regulate and manage this site. This will only be offered when required and to the members who have been here actively for a long time and willing to take the responsibility.

As you might have noticed this post where the personal messaging was disabled in this forum for a reason, we have now decided to open the personal messaging to the following member classes

  • Associate (from user title ladder)
  • Expert (from user custom title)
  • Moderator (from forum regulators)
  • 50 trophy points (from user trophy system)
The above user groups will also have have the option to add images in their signature.

Furthermore, the following user groups (and higher) will have the option to add links in their signature (no affiliated links is allowed unless owned by the user).
  • Moderator (from forum regulators)
  • Associate (from user title ladder)
  • Collaborator (from user custom title)

You are always welcome to suggest any change in the system for improvement.

Please note that, this is just for fun and currently, you can't have any monetory benefit from this class system.
Consider before posting:
  • Do not post the same thing in multiple places.
  • No personal contact and/or non-English phrase is allowed.
  • Always post in a relevant thread or open a new one.
  • Better to use the reactions in a post to congratulate/thank.