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Migration problem with partner


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Hello, my name is Raju from Mumbai India. I got my positive assessment with my body and want further procedure with skill select and NSW state nomination. My problem is my partner does not want to come in Australia neither she wants to put her name in Skill Select and SP in NSW. We are not divorced and separated. Can I do my Individual further proceeding without my partner in Skill Select and SP in 190 ? Can Australia invites such profiles?


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We are not divorced and separated
I assume you meant you are not divorced, but separated. The only time your wife will be involved in the process is if you are asked to provide PC and HC for your wife as a non-migrating family unit member. Now, there is no clear cut policy for cases like yours (at least in my knowledge), but I think you can work that out through discussion with DIBP. However, most likely you have to convince them that you are going to get a divorce and hence your wife is not going to apply for Australian PR as your partner in future.
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