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Name change


Timeline missing
Hi there. What if I changed my name in sydney but my passport from the country I am from is not updated. What name do I put my EOI in? I have the name change documents from sydney. Would that be adequate audit trail or I NEED to put the passport details exactly otherwise I be refused? But I have the Sydney documents that allows me to use my name. This is my preferred name and known as name for years hence its a sensitive issue for me. Thanks


Staff member
I am little bit surprised that you didn't change your name in your passport. While it'll not be an issue in the process as you have proper documents, you might face some unnecessary complexities throughout the process (like this).

Anyway, my understanding is, either you can proceed with your passport name for EOI, and later in the application stage change your name, or you need to fill up the passport details as it is and in the name field give the current name. You'll be (most probably) questioned in different stage because your NID, birth certificate etc. must be using old name.

Becuase this is a little grey area, I'd advise to send an email to skillselect help to clarify what should you do.
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