Personal conversation is disabled


Staff member
Dear members,

With a growing tendency of the new registrants to send personal messages with any issue, I'd like to emphasize the fact that this community is totally on voluntary basis with no affiliation with any immigration agency what so ever. All of us, who's trying to help, just make some time from our professional and personal life to share thoughts from our personal experience.

So I want to urge people to consider this community as a platform for mutual discussion regarding any problem rather than seeking one-to-one private counsel. Ofcourse there will be cases where you don't want to share some info in public, which is fine, but if this becomes a general trend then it's a bit scary.

Also discussing any issue in private means you are denying other people with similar issue to participate in the discussion, which is against the motto of this website - Get Help and Help Others.

So I'd like to request all of you not to use private conversation or profile post to ask your question rather always post in the forum unless it has any confidential info.

To enforce this practice, I have disabled the private conversation in the board. If you need to start any private conversation, post me in my profile page requesting to open one for you. Any existing conversation is kept open for the time being.

You are welcome to post your thoughts here about this decision.

Consider before posting:
  • Do not post the same thing in multiple places.
  • No personal contact and/or non-English phrase is allowed.
  • Always post in a relevant thread or open a new one.
  • Better to use the reactions in a post to congratulate/thank.