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Please advise, CPA assessment

Timeline missing

I am Financial Controller with more than 3 years Accounting/Finance related experience, at the moment working and living in the Netherlands.

I was thinking to lodge EOI for Management Accountant occupation (ANZSCO code 221112) which matches my qualifications and experience the best.

As I understand, my skills have to be assessed as suitable for selected occupation by CPA first.

I have Bachelor in Economics (2007) and Masters in Financial Management from VU university Amsterdam (2012)

· Advanced Corporate Financial Management
· Advanced Finance and Banking
· Advanced Management Accounting
· Business Ethics
· Institutional Investment and ALM
· Private Equity & Behavioral Finance
· Real Estate Management
· Research (Gold as a safe heaven) and Thesis (firm's capital structure)

Do I have a chance to receive a positive provisional assessment result?

I am not sure if my competencies fall under all mandatory: Accounting Systems and Processes, Financial Accounting and Reporting, Management Accounting, Finance and Financial Management, Business Law, Economics, Quantitative Methods.

Thank you!!


Staff member
Hi Indre,

Unfortunately I am unfamiliar with your field of qualification, hence it is tough for me to comment on the content of your degree. I guess you have to let CPA decide.
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