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Bob The Builder

Hello Everyone. Hope you are doing well.

I will be applying for NSW state nomination this month with these points:
  • Age 27 = 30 points
  • ACS Assessment for ICT Developer Programmer = 15 points for education (no points for 4.5 years work experience though)
  • IELTS 7.5 overall (L-8, R-8, S-7, W-7.5) = 10 points
  • SS = 5 points
  • Total 60 points
These are my concerns:
  1. How likely is it for me to get an invitation in the next 2-3 months?
  2. If not invited now, is it possible for me to get an invitation in later rounds, possibly after Oct-Nov with 60 points?


Staff member
1. Very hard to comment. It depends on many things. Generally ICT is high demand occupation, so you might need to wait a bit.

2. Your EOI will be valid for 3 years. You can get invitation anytime within 3 years.
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