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Received skill select invitation in Australia while waiting for Canada PR outcome


Timeline missing
Dear Admin,
I applied on Occupation in Demand (OID) at January 2016. 38 days ago my medical has updated in My CIC account and i paid the RPRF online and hard copy has send the visa office via courier as well as e-mailed to the VO with courier documents. but not yet i got the PPR from VO. meanwhile, i got ITA from Australia in Independent class 189. they gave me 60 days for apply. it is now counting days and 10 days passed. i am now frustrated. what to do. do i have to inform the Canadian VO regarding this issue ? in this case will they help me to process fast my application and for PPR? because everything is uncertain. So, i don't want to miss any single change. Pls advice.


Staff member
I personally don't think your VO will bother about your immigration situation to other countries, neither they will be obliged/interested to speed up your process for this reason.

I guess 60 days is a long time to go still, so you can wait more before any desperate measure.
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