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General RRV after visa expiry

I received Aus PR visa(class 189) on dec 2016. I have completed the initial landing and the visa is now valid till dec 2021. Presently i am residing outside Australia.
What if i settle in Australia in Feb 2020(i.e less than 2 years remaining for initial visa validity)?
What will the consequences regarding the RRV? can I not move out of Australia ever?
Please suggest.


Staff member
You can even setter in Dec 2021, there will be no consequences as long as you don't go outside Australia before you get citizenship.

If you want to go out and plan to come back after Dec 2021, you'd need to apply for RRV. If you have a job at that time, or have other close connection in Australia, you'll get an RRV most likely. Otherwise, it's 50/50.
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