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Skilled Migration Job Search Visa realted Question(Newzealand)


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Hello Friends,
I am meeting the criteria for points required for skilled migrant visa of New Zealand as below:

1. Age - 30 points
2. Qualification(level 9) - 70 points
3. Work experience more than 10 years - 50 points
4. Work experience in absolute skill shortage - 15 points

I did my qualification assessment from NZQA, which is equal to (Level 9) and also experience assessment doneby ITPNZ (NZQA 7 or higher ).

So, in total, I am getting 165 points. my skill job code is Software Engineer(261313), which falls under the long term skill shortage category .

As currently I don't have any job offer. I have few queries related to Job Search Visa.

1.) Does any specific condition related to salary that applicant should getting this amount of salary per annum ?
2.) Does overseas applicant have to prove that they were getting 52000 dollars per year in the past to get Skilled Job Search visa?

Kindly suggest. Looking forward to hear from you soon.

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