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Info Skilled Occupation Lists for State Sponsored Visa (subclass 190 and 489)


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Whoever interested to apply state sponsorship in Australia, below is the updated skilled occupation list for 2015-16 as of today. Please notify in case any change occurs so that we can update.

For your information, you will get PR for subclass 190 and TR for Subclass 489. However, you will score 10 extra points if you apply in subclass 489 compare to 5 extra points in subclass 190.

Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Skilled Occupation List
New South Wales (NSW) Skilled Occupation List for Subclass 190
New South Wales (NSW) Skilled Occupation List for Subclass 489
Victoria Skilled Occupation List
Queensland Skilled Occupation List
Western Australia (WA) Skilled Occupation List
South Australia (SA) Skilled Occupation List
Tasmania Skilled Occupation List
Northern Territory (NT) Skilled Occupation List
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