Result SkillSelect Invitation-20th Round result (29th March 2017)


Staff member
Total Invitation (Announced)

Visa SubclassNumber
Skilled - Independent (subclass 189)2000
Skilled - Regional Provisional (subclass 489)200

Total Invitation (Actual)

Visa SubclassNumber
Skilled - Independent (subclass 189)1517
Skilled - Regional Provisional (subclass 489)25

Point distribution among the invitees*

Lowest point that got lucky (Overall)

Visa SubclassPoints scoreVisa date of effect
Skilled - Independent (subclass 189)6029/03/2017 12.03.38 am
Skilled - Regional Provisional (subclass 489)6028/03/2017 11.54.47 pm

Invitation statistics for high demand occupations

Due to large numbers of EOIs being received for the below occupations, DIBP decided to invite on a pro rata basis for these occupations over the 2016-17 program year. However, this process can be changed if the situation demands. SkillSelect first allocates available places to Skilled – Independent (subclass 189) visas and then remaining to Skilled – Regional (subclass 489) (Provisional – Family Sponsored) visas. If all places are taken up by subclass 189 visas then there will be no invitations issued for subclass 489 visas in these occupations.

Occupation IdentificationDescriptionPoints scoreVisa date of effect
2211Accountants7024/10/2016 10.29.40 am
2212Auditors, Company Secretaries and Corporate Treasurers7026/12/2016 12.03.30 am
2334Electronics Engineer6014/12/2016 2.14.41 pm
2335Industrial, Mechanical and Production Engineers6514/11/2016 2.11.14 pm
2339** Other Engineering Professionals653/1/2017 11.21.00 AM
2611ICT Business and System Analysts7026/03/2017 11.09.46 pm
2613Software and Applications Programmers658/3/2017 11.53.49 PM
2631** Computer Network Professionals653/2/2017 12.49.00 AM

** No invitation was sent on this round

* Values are summarized by visual interpolation from the chart for the viewers. Though the tolerance should be minimum, total perfection is not guaranteed. If you want to check the original chart posted by Immigration Australia authority, we recommend visiting SkillSelect webpage.