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Result SkillSelect Invitation-2nd Round result (1 Sep 2012)


Staff member
Total Invitation
Visa subclassInvitations for 1 Sep
Skilled - Independent (Subclass 189) (Permanent)450
Skilled - Regional (Subclass 489) (Provisional) - Family Sponsored50

Point distribution among the invitees*
Visa subclassPoints ScoreInvitations
Skilled - Independent (Subclass 189) (Permanent)80 and 80+40
Skilled - Independent (Subclass 189) (Permanent)7590
1Skilled - Independent (Subclass 189) (Permanent)70320
Skilled - Regional (Subclass 489) (Provisional) - Family Sponsored7540
Skilled - Regional (Subclass 489) (Provisional) - Family Sponsored7010

Lowest point that got lucky
Visa SubclassPoints ScoreVisa Status date
Skilled - Independent (Subclass 189) (Permanent)7025/08/2012 8.20 PM
Skilled - Regional (Subclass 489) (Provisional) - Family Sponsored7027/08/2012 2.30 PM

State/Territory Nominations August 2012
Skilled - Nominated (subclass 190) visa304912122860125139653
Skilled - Nominated or Sponsored (Provisional) (subclass 489) visa009156101279
Business Innovation and Investment (subclass 188) visa000001203
Business Talent (Permanent) (subclass 132) visa000000426

*Values are summarized by visual interpolation from chart for the viewers. Though the tolerance should be minimum, total perfection is not guaranteed. If you want to check the original chart posted by Immigration Australia authority, we recommend to visit SkillSelect webpage.
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