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Guide South Australia State Nomination Process Clarity?


Timeline missing
Hi all,

I was going through the South Australia website earlier and I couldn't quite work out where the state nomination process lived within the broader emigration process. They seem to infer on the site that you should go ahead and apply for state nomination on the site here: https://apply.migration.sa.gov.au/user/login.php

What is the correct order here. Is it:

1. Submit EOI first and then wait for invitation to apply for state nomination?
2. Submit EOI and apply for state nomination in parallel whilst awaiting response to EOI submission?

Everything on the national immigration site speaks to submitting an EOI first and then waiting for an invitation, but the South Australia site seems to suggest going ahead and applying for state nomination? Which one is it? Or is it the case that you should always wait for the invitation to apply first except for South Australia where you can do it proactively once you have your EOI in?
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