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Student to 485 TR -- Bridging visa confusion


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Hi everyone,

I am in a difficult situation regarding my visa and I'm not sure how to go about it.

To give you a bit of a background..

I started masters program in June 2019-- Student VISA granted up to august 2021. During covid, I had some personal reasons due to which I had to extend my course and so I applied for a Student Visa extension in July 2021 for an additional 3 months
Due to lockdown in Melbourne, my medical appointment was cancelled and I am still unable to book a new one (there are no appointments available since).

I was granted a Bridging visa and I am currently on it (Student visa expired in august 2021)

Now the situation is such that:
I will be graduating NOV 15 2021
My COE submitted for the student visa extension will expire on 30 Nov 2021
I will need to apply for my 485 TR visa

from what i gather, things can pan out in the following way

I apply for my TR regardless and withdraw my Student Visa extension application
-- will this will move me from Bridging visa A to bridging Visa C where I will not have any work rights. Since TR are taking very long to get processed, this would mean I would not be able to work for at least 6 months or more. I already have a contracted job and do not want to lose source of income.

What are my options which would guarantee that I can transition smoothly between my current situation to a TR. I believe I have done everything legally and have been as transparent as possible.

I would appreciate any insights or suggestions if you have experienced anything similar or know anyone who has.
Thanks in advance!


Staff member
If you are issued with a BVC with no work rights, you can apply for another BVC with work rights citing financial hardship

DHA said:
If your BVC does not let you work, or has restrictions on working, you can apply for another BVC that lets you work. To be considered for a BVC that lets you work, you will usually have to demonstrate that you are experiencing financial hardship.
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