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Did bcom with 1 subject of IT, joined an IT reseller companies call center selling IT products. Worked 6 months.
Joined bank and worked in risk management for 4.5 yrs and did mba finance in parallel ( it had 1 cs psubject.).but work in bank was implementation of a risk solution..
Switched to another bank and worked for 2 yrs..but work was implementation of core banking...but was employee of risk management again. Started Masters in computer science in parallel.. and completed 1 semester..
Got another job in a bank... in risk dept as head Business continuity and IT policies review..worked in bank for 2.9 yrs and completed 2 more semesters but freezed mcs but did cisa and crisc to support.my Info Technology risk review work.
Next joined another bank for Operational Risk and IT risk position and worked for 3 years ...did ITIL and CFE and CCSA in parallel. Work focused on IT polcies , procedures, change management and BRD reviews, IT process risk reviews, info security risk assessments and IT risk management.

Meanwhile i started my MCS again and will finish it by dec2017. It has all the core software engineering subjects.

Which anzsco job category i should apply and what will be possible deductions i will face... i checked and found that cusa and crisc are vendor neutral qualifications and acceptable AFQ levels .. i also found that my work is overlapping Business analyst, ICT security and possibly Internal Audit. Please guide me


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