Supporting documents for ACS migration assessment


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Hi Mystic River,

I have few doubts, can you please advice. Next month I am planning to submit below documents for ACS skill assessments:

1. Computer Diploma + all marksheets + Transcript
2. B.Com bachelor degree (non-ict) + all years (3) marksheets + Transcript
3. Work reference letters, total 16+years
(a) current company = 6.6 years
(b) previous-1 = 3.4 years
(c) previous-2 = 20 months
(d) previous-3 = 5 years

Is it fine or I need to submit any other documents?

My actual queries are:
1. During EOI submission - Shall I need to submit my all previous employer reference letters OR only past 10 years is enough?
2. If I submit all, how they will verify all the letters with my previous company? because there is one prob in (c) previous-2 company which is closed last year. But i am submitting my old letter as reference.
3. I have post-graduation diploma in ICT major also but it was completed in 2014 so I am not submitting for skill assessments otherwise my experience will be count as Zero. Can I show in Form-80?

Please suggest.


Staff member
For ACS assessment, they have a complete and updated list in their booklet, you should follow that.

1. Whatever experience you claim points for.
2. They will ask you if they want, so you will have chance to clarify.
3. Yes.
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