TSS 482 Visa Work Experience Calculation


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Hi all, I am currently studying in University of Sydney on a Student visa while also working part time as an Acoustic Engineer (included in occupation group Engineers Professional nec 233999) at a company in Sydney. I plan to continue working there after graduation, but since my program duration is only 1.5 years, I am ineligible for Temporary Graduate Visa. So far, my best option is Temporary Skilled Shortage Visa, but I am concerned with the 2 years work experience requirement.

I have previously worked as Acoustic Engineer back in Indonesia for about 14 months. In Sydney, I started working from September 2019 and planned to work until graduation on July 2020 (part-time during semester because of the Student visa restriction, which if I calculate to full time equivalent will be less than 2 years). Is there a chance for me to get TSS visa (assuming my company can sponsor and do their part on the visa)? Or is there any other option for me to continue working there? Thank you.