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Unobtainable overseas PCC


Timeline missing
I have a peculiar situation, just wanted to find out if someone else has experienced a similar scenario.
I have lived with family in China for about 2 years during 2009 and 2011. I have tried to obtain a PCC for this period but failed as the Chinese embassy in my country do not support such requests and there isn't any other way I can get the PCC residing outside China. Has there ever been a case where the DIBP waived off the PCC requirement for such situation where the PCC is unobtainable and what sort of evidence might they ask for to assess if the applicant has tried their best to obtain such a PCC from the host country.

Any helpful info will be much appreciated. Thanks!


Staff member
Yes indeed. I have a friend who failed to obtain PCC from a foreign country where he lived for 3 years. DIBP waived that PCC requirement after he convinced them that he tried his best to get that, but failed. The attempts included:
1. Contacting local embassy in his native country,
2. Contacting the foreign ministry of his native country,
3. Contacting his country's embassy in the foreign country,
4. Contacting his job agent in the foreign country

And DIBP asked for the details with timeline of the attempts as well as any form of evidence (like emails etc.). And once he provided all of them, and they were convinced, then his PCC for that country was waived.

However, it sometimes depends on how they project you. I know another person whom DIBP asked to revisit the foreign country to manage the overseas PCC (the foreign country was Iran in this case, which might be the reason behind that strictness). So, he had to go back to Iran to arrange that,
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