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Unusual email from Engineers Australia long after receiving assessment


Timeline missing
Dear Admin,
Today suddenly i got the following e-mail from [email protected]. but i got my outcome at 2 months ago. then why this mail they sent to me , i can't understand. another thing is that, today is Saturday, that means not a business day also. pls let me explain, where was wrong. the e-mail was follows-

Dear Engr Das,
Our records indicate the application you have started for MSA CDR was not submitted within 30 days, and as result has been cancelled.
You will need to submit a new application if you want to continue with the assessment process.
Kind regards,
Engineers Australia
*Please do not reply to this message*

i already got my positive result 2 months ago. after got this mail, i sent a e-mail to Engineers-Australia. after that, i got an auto mail which is follows:

Engineers Australia’s National Office will be closed for the holidays between 24th December to 11th January. Member Services will resume operation from January 4th, 2016.

waiting for reply.
Suman Das.


Staff member
Most likely this is a spam, firstly they never send such email and secondly they never send email in holiday/weekends.

Check the raw source of the email (in gmail, click on the arrow on top-right of the email, then click "Show Original"), and check for any phishing content.

To clarify, it is very easy to change the "Form" field in any email. So you shouldn't always trust what is written in "From" field. If you can't find anything in raw source, just wait for Engineers Australia (recheck the email address you replied, sometimes spammers make subtle change in "reply-to" address so you just don't see it at first). If you don't find any email, use Contact Form in their website (as they might not read email you send to [email protected]).
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