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I have BSC degree in the Petroleum engineering since 2004 , but actually I have more than 9 years experience as Safety engineer position with lots of training courses related to that especially the NEBOSH IGC .

as I intend to apply under ((251312: Occupational Health and Safety Adviser " ))
and my qualifications as Petroleum engineer from engineers Australia .

The question is : could I get the points for both graduation and skills or I might loose one of them ??


Staff member
Logically, you should. Points for education does not have the condition of the degree being relevant to your occupation. On the other hand, claiming points for occupation does require relevant experience. So, if you apply in CDR pathway, you might get both.

EA said:
I have an accredited qualification, but I would rather be assessed in a different discipline than the one on my degree. What can I do?

Under the accredited qualifications pathway, the outcome is given in accordance to the discipline of your degree. If the title of your degree does not match its content (e.g. Electrical Engineering degrees focusing on Electronics Engineering), then a close analysis of the transcript will determine the appropriate occupation. If you would rather be assessed in a different discipline, then you can apply via the Competency Demonstration Report pathway. Note however that there is no guarantee that you would be successful in getting the outcome you desire as the qualification has to contain the necessary underpinning knowledge in the discipline you are seeking assessment for
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