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Obsolete visa 491, if my experience count, skilled partner


Timeline missing
Hi guys, I'm not sure of anything.
I'm looking to be able to give my partner points, so I was looking into the lists for the 491 visa. I have a degree, bachelor in science biology and scored competent English.

Into a description to Zookeeper it says: "Available to applicants who are working in their nominated occupation, or a closely related occupation, for at least the last 12 months and have been living in a designated regional area in NSW, for at least the last 12 months."
I'm living in NSW (student visa) and working into a pet shop for 1 year (and 4 months), the thing is not as a full groomer, but I do, except scissors. Not sure if taking care of dogs counts as valid work experience. But in the description say take care of the animals, so it seems correct to assume that is a yes.

Another point:
I was thinking about applying for the Pet Groomer or Kennel Hand, the problem is they are available in visa 187 and 494, but not the 491. All are in ROL, though.

Additional information: all inside the group Animal Attendants and Trainers, that's what makes me believe that my work time is ok.
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