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VISA documents Submission


Timeline missing
Hello experts

My query is related to the document submission for Australia Visa - cat 189.
I hold Indian passport and living in Singapore for last 6 years.
I have all the documents uploaded including PCC, work experience evidence etc but not submitted yet.
Recently ( on 4 May 2016) I got an email from my GSM that due to some spots seen in my chest X-Ray, I have to go through TB tests which takes about 3 months. I have already visited the designated TB centre in Singapore and done my side of activity after which they asked me to visit in Aug 2016 for final reports.
Previously (on 10 Apr) I started a thread with GSM to get more time for the PCC (as it was taking time to get it from High commission of India) which he replied now (on 12 May) 2016) mentioning that my deadline for document submission is extended to 9 Jun 2016
I am confused now, whether I should go ahead and submit all the documents before 9th Jun or wait for the medical until Mid of Aug 2016.
I am worried that if I submit the application, my visa may be rejected due to medical and if I don't then the deadline may become past.

Can you please clarify what should be the next action from me

1. 10 Apr I requested more time for doc submission as in the gsm allocation mail it was mentioned to be 20 days after that mail is received.

2. 4 May gsm sent a mail that more tests required and may take upto 3 months for medical results

3. 12 May gsm on another thread mentioned that document submission deadline extended to 9th Jun


Staff member
Why do you think DIBP might reject your application when they themselves asked you to submit MC in August?

I think you should always submit documents in hand and let them know which document needs some time. This is the general procedure everybody follows, as far as I know.

There is no necessity of submitting all documents together.
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