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Welcome to MigrationDesk community.

MigrationDesk is a web portal to help people decide, choose and apply for immigration to other countries. This website is a non-profit entity, and don't charge anything for any help provided. The articles in this website are collected from the corresponding authorities' websites. If any content in this website you think is a breach to any copyright, please let us know instantly so that we can remove the content upon examination.

To start with, we have selected countries where a point base system is available for general skilled migration. In future, we will extend our list whenever we deem appropriate. We omit immigration scopes for specific categories (like religious, asylum, corporate, business etc.) as we target for general people seeking general migration.

There are few areas where you can help us with. One is from financial point of view to cover running cost, though which is not a major issue right now. Still if you want to contribute towards the yearly hosting and scripting payment, you are welcome. But most important thing is your contribution to enrich the website content. As the base of this website is on volunteer efforts, the only way this will survive in the long run is through the active participation of its members. So, please do whatever you can from your scope. Also we would like to see our community growing, hence appreciate if you can put some efforts on that as well.

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