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Work experience for 482


Timeline missing
I am in the process of applying for a 482. My prospective employer is a hospital and they have informed me that its very difficult to find experienced ICU nurses.

I qualified as a nurse in the UK in 2010 with an Advanced Diploma and have been working full time since, with 3y 5m in ICU. I topped up to a degree in June 2017 so that I could meet the skill requirement for AU. My agent tells me that I need 2 years full time work after getting my degree, however I worked full time in UK with my degree for 1y 3m and since moving to AU I have been working part time.

Will immigration take my previous experience into context if I provided care at the same level even if I didn't have a degree at the time?
Does anyone know of a similar situation or if immigration is flexible with this?

Please help!
Hi Veronica,

Have you considered 189 or state sponsored 190 via? They both are PR visa. However you need to check how many points you have. Minimum requirement is 65 points. For 190 visa you will 5 points from sponsoring state. Also from 16th November Immigration is introducing new regional visas which will be temporary but you will get an extra points being staying and working in regional visa. But check your points and apply for PR visa rather than temporary visa. 482 is also temporary visa.

Hope it helps..
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