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Hey Littlejohn. Read some of your posts and I'm in a similar situation as you were with your PR process. I've got state pre invite for 190. I have a question and your advice may be really helpful, thank you.
Hello Nafis,

Can you please guide me what kind of letter you got from BANK and EMPLOYER regarding statement remarks regarding salary credit in bank account.
Just received my wife's ACS skill assessment result under Developer Programmer. Her Bachelor of Science in Computer Science has been assessed as Associate degree. It is disappointing as it was a 4 years BSc degree. Will appealing work? please suggest. Thanks!
Hari Krishan
I am in the process of collecting documents for my skills assessment as Developer Programmer, but as a freelancer.
Can you please guide me with the documentation part.

Thanks in advance
I'm also a civil engineer and trying to get PR in subclass 190. Can you let me know from which region did you get nomination?