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Hello Mohsin. i have a question, my partner is a diabetes type 1 patient, he has a good health and average
he does not complain anything else
i want to ask if this will affect accepting our visa ?
and if there is someone you know with the same condition can you tell me when happened with him/her?
Thank you so much
No, its a common disease and shouldnt be a problem. THings which has issues are Hepatitus, TB, HIV etc
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thank you so much dear
Hey, since we are sailing in the same boat. Let me know if we can connect over call or *** and keep each other posted.
Yes sure but before moving further can we just get to know more each other. About us, location and all that
I am based out of Pune, India. What about you?
Hello, i am Egyptian, 27 years, an architect
Me and my fiancee want to immigrate to Australia
can we apply as we are engaged( in Egypt engaged people don't live together and don't share any financial joints, so its hard to prove this engagment documentaly ), we want to apply as an applicant and partner so is that applicable now or we should wait until we get marry?
i can't claim the10 points of partner even if his job is required in Skilled occupation list in AUS and achieved high score in ILETS?
and another question please; can i apply to two kinds of visa at the same time? like 189and 190?
No you cannot claim because Engagement is not considered as a partner. Yes, you can apply but the visa granted later will supersede the previous visa. So better apply for both EOIs only and see when you get an invitation. Even if you receive the invitation against one, you can discard the other EOI and go ahead with the invitation
it was so clear and helpful. Thank you so much! :)