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Hello, thanks for replying me ya.

Would like to share with you my situation.

I was working with Accenture Malaysia as Management Consulting for 2 Years 8 Months.

Thereafter, I joined Shell Malaysia as a Process Excellence Analyst whereby my job scope is pretty much similar. The difference is basically, internal and external consulting.

Based on your experience, do you think they will give 5pts.
Hi Alvin, thanks for sharing. I have no idea about the skills assessment really particularly for occupations that are not in my field. Seems like they should, just make sure all your paperwork matches up
Congratulations for your invitation. Can you please advice if you have got a job offer or it`s not required for 489 Tasmania ? Also with your 65 points why you haven't applied for state nomination SC 190 as NSW or Victoria hence i have the same points as yours with same occupation ? I do appreciate it if you can add me to the 489 [Tasmania] wtsapp group chat please (+971564544850).
Hello.. can you please share the when did yo uapply for ACT and when for VIC.. my husband and i are also in similar situation but only difference is we havent got ACT pre invite till now.. also he has suspended all other EOI's..