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Hello, I was asked by the co to provide Statutory declaration for our relationship. Did you just provide letters from Family and friends with their signature or it was attested? Please let me know.

As I see your IED is 2020-02-20, how you going to start there? accommodation? transportation? location?how you going to find these things?
I have already landed and came back from Australia. Now I will move as per my own convenience. For accommodation, www.realestate.com.au is the best option but I would suggest you land there and get some vibes from the local suburbs to see which is more suitable for you. Transportation is easy via buses or trains
Great! which state you are located? found any jobs? at least part time?
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I am in Sydney and yes jobs are plenty, depends on your occupation though
Hi Mystic, In relation to the nsw nomination requirement living n working, does that mean these conditions are applicable post state apporval i mean once i lodge my main visa?