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Is it okay to use a single EOI to apply for 189,190 and 489 visas? Should I create 3 different skill select accounts and lodge 3 separate EOIs? I have already applied through 1 EOI. Should I update it for 1 visa and create new EOIS for other 2? Appreciate if you can answer this question. Thanks
Hey guys,

I've dobut regarding upcoming changes in point table from November.
Is there anyone who can verify me that are they changes valid for 189 and 190 subclass for them who are living in Sydney and want to get PR in Sydney.

#changes like people can claim 10 points who are single.

please guide me, it will be great help for me
Hello sir/mam
I have already submitted an application for 485 subsequent entrant and I filled only one form 1409 .is it mandatory to fill form 80.if yes then please reply as soon as possible.so that I can get it attached in my immi account.

Hello Jasmeet,
Do you know what are my chances to recieve an invitation for 263312 "Telecommunications Network Engineer" occupation with 70 points?
Did you apply for tasmania too??
No I just applied to NSW. have you received an invitation from Tasmania?