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This is Archis. First of all, congratulations to you for being invited for Visa 491. I am also a civil engineer and am very much interested for Visa 491. Currently my score is 65 without point from nominating state.

Can you please tell me that you have been nominated by which state?
Hi @kayan I got the invite for 190 from Victoria/DHA on May 13th. Not sure if you have applied for 190, but if you have you might get 1 soon.

Best Wishes !!
I was curious to know, why didnt u submit EOI till now? or is it that you have not updated the timelines here ?
@tayyubmajeed assalamualaikum,
I believe your occupation is Civil engineer? Same is mine. What was your score for visa 489? How many days it took for you to receive an invite from the day you filed the EOI? How was your employment verification process with DIBP, and did you also applied for employment skill assessment with EA?