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Is it okay to use a single EOI to apply for 189,190 and 489 visas? Should I create 3 different skill select accounts and lodge 3 separate EOIs? I have already applied through 1 EOI. Should I update it for 1 visa and create new EOIS for other 2? Appreciate if you can answer this question. Thanks
Hey guys,

I've dobut regarding upcoming changes in point table from November.
Is there anyone who can verify me that are they changes valid for 189 and 190 subclass for them who are living in Sydney and want to get PR in Sydney.

#changes like people can claim 10 points who are single.

please guide me, it will be great help for me
Hello sir/mam
I have already submitted an application for 485 subsequent entrant and I filled only one form 1409 .is it mandatory to fill form 80.if yes then please reply as soon as that I can get it attached in my immi account.

Hello Jasmeet,
Do you know what are my chances to recieve an invitation for 263312 "Telecommunications Network Engineer" occupation with 70 points?
Did you apply for tasmania too??
No I just applied to NSW. have you received an invitation from Tasmania?
Hi Mate,

EA has requested me to upload recent passport style photo so I went to post office to take a photo and requested them to email me a copy of the photo, I can see that its of 300dpi but the dimensions are quite big do i need to change that and submit?
Don't worry much about this. just upload a photo "looks like' 3.5 x 4.5 cm ... :)
I dont want them to get back to me again on this mate... I will send what I received from post office wht do u say?
Generally the photo from post office will be of same size (3.5 x 4.5). Most photo editing app or gallery in your phone will give details about the size of the photo, if you want to be 100% sure. or, when you try to crop a photo in phone with basic editor (samsung/iphone etc) you can pick the preset template crop for this size.
Hi Ana, just wondeing whats your occuaption and did you gather enough job ads?
hey @ga2au! I am an Environmental Engineer, I am onshore so I did not need to provide job ads, sorry :S
Im having difficulties in Job ads. how bout u? did you find it easy or you have to look for other same jobs?
I managed to find job ads within the date range they requested for. I think I was fortunate. My advice is to check BOTH LinkedIn and
you are very fortunate.. What is your occupation?
Public Relations Specialist
Hi Mate,

I'm planning to apply for re-assessment under same ANZSCO code: 263111, would you be so kind to share some R&R points under this category?

Thanking you in anticipation,
Hi David! our agent just confirmed our invitation... whew.. any tips on doing the next hurdle?
My tip would be to get form 80 together asap. That is what we did. And all the supporting document scanned and ready. We have also done our PPC and booked our HC appointment.
Hi Mohsin,
I am sorry but I'm still confused about onshore education point claim. Here's my detail.
Offshore education: bachelors completed in 2011
Offshore experience: 2011 to 2016
Onshore education: July 2017 to July 2019
ACS for offshore experience + education : 27/03/2019 --> offshore experience + education
EOI : 189 - 75 points 190 - 80 points
Can I claim onshore education points without loosing any points?
@ajayvb87 thanks for your reply. I have also submitted the fees on April 14 with all the documents including pcc and on May 11 my heath report was updated successfully with positive results.hopefully i will get some response soon.
Salam mohsin bhai how are you I mention my friend he is on 70 points I just checked his EOI he submit on 9 feb initially on 70 points non pro rata 313211 what you look any chance he can invited in aug-oct
Hi @mohsinciddiki,
My profile: Skill: 261111 (ICT Business Analyst) Age - 30 Edu - 15 Exp - 05 Eng - 20 CCL - 05.
Submitted my 189 & 190 (NSW) EOIs with 75 & 80 points respectively on 09 Apr 2019.
Can you please advise:
1. Do I have a chance to get 189 invite? If yes, is there any 'tentative' date / round?
2. Do I have a chance to get 190 invite from NSW?
3. Do NSW prefer ICT BA with 'high experience' points?
Currently cannot comment as this is end of fiscal year. Wait till July it will be much clearer
Thanks @mohsinciddiki for the response. I'll check with you once July dawns.
Hello, i have applied for eoi in accounting with (80 +5 state points) for 189 and 190 NSW Since march 2019 but haven't received invitation yet. it will be really helpful if someone can guide me with chances to get invitation. Thank you
To God be the glory great things he has done. Jesus is Lord. 7th June 3am 190 GRANTED for family of 4. Thank you to everyone is this group, Thanks to all the post that has helped and still helping and many thanks to Mysticriver and you all

Timeline below
EA- june 2017
IELTS 2017
Mechanical Engineer -65 +5=70points
EOI 14th August 2018
pre-invite 18th sept 2018
rpeq license 21st sept
Dear Sir/Mam

I got invitation on November 11th 2018

File submitted in December 2018

Co Contacted in March and asked for new born baby documents

My baby was born in Jan 2019

Again co contacted in May and given hap I’d for my baby

Everything has been submitted and now the status is further assessment

It’s been 6 months now

By when can I expect my visa ???