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This is to give all offshore applicants a ray of hope.

I finally got the 190 grant. please see my timeline for details.

Also, wanted to express appreciation to this forum and the admins, especially @mohsin Siddiki & @MysticRiver for their great efforts.

Keep the spirit up!
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Hi Newonesa,

Sorry to bother you again. Was just curious to know your country of origin and the job code ?

Hopefully you are preparing to move in to Australia real soon.

Best Regards
No worries Manna.

Job is Quantity Surveyor and I lived in several GCC countries over the past years.

Yes, I'll move soon once my kids finish their academic year.

All the best.
Thank you so much for your reply. Appreciate it.
G'day Ajinmc,

Hope all are doing well.

Apologies if this has been already answered in the threads, My partner is a Type 2 diabetics and it's in control and recent check up with GP showed no issues, wanted to understand if there will be any red flag raised or cause for PR rejection on health check terms.

How did your health check go.

Appreciate your response.

Cheers, Sailaja.
G'day Rajesh,

Hope you are doing well.

Need a quick advice, My partner has Type 2 Diabetes and is in control, just wondering if we will have any issues\ PR refusal on medical conditions.

Hello Ahmed, I am an Electrical Engineer with Engineering Technologist assessment and 75 points, and already applied for EOI, do u think I can get the invite any time soon?
Hello! I saw your nominated occupation 224113 and may I ask what industry are you working in? I'm just trying to get insights on how to structure the roles and responsibilities portion. Hope you reply! Thank you!
hi mystic, i am on visa 489 which is smilar to 491 now. i have to work full time for one year in a regional area. Does this one year have to be continuous?
Hey Littlejohn. Read some of your posts and I'm in a similar situation as you were with your PR process. I've got state pre invite for 190. I have a question and your advice may be really helpful, thank you.
Hello Nafis,

Can you please guide me what kind of letter you got from BANK and EMPLOYER regarding statement remarks regarding salary credit in bank account.
Just received my wife's ACS skill assessment result under Developer Programmer. Her Bachelor of Science in Computer Science has been assessed as Associate degree. It is disappointing as it was a 4 years BSc degree. Will appealing work? please suggest. Thanks!
Hari Krishan
I am in the process of collecting documents for my skills assessment as Developer Programmer, but as a freelancer.
Can you please guide me with the documentation part.

Thanks in advance
I'm also a civil engineer and trying to get PR in subclass 190. Can you let me know from which region did you get nomination?
Hello Sanaz, How are you? Could you please tell me hows the job opportunities in construction field in Canberra?. I am 491 visa holder, right now offshore and was nominated by Canberra. ANZSCO 233211.
Assalamualikum, I am waiting for the reply ASAP.
Plz help ME.
Plz Find the attachment.


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This is the chance if you lose can cause you rejection and ban so gather the documents with your employer even if its email, letter with authentic seals/signatories, letters, promotions, resignations, company closing notice, or any other relevant data.
For tax data, provide the reasons why it was not matching or not deducted from your salary (e.g. if your salary was not taxable, you can provide government regulations)
@MysticRiver can you help i need to scan passport photos for my partner visa, do you have any idea on what position are they required when scanning the home affairs guidelines are very vague.
mr Mohsin I did not Violate any rules on this forum every thing is true and with evidences and all CAE exams involved in Malpractice. You should allow my 2 posts which is awaiting for your approval.
mr moshin I did not breach any of the rules of the MD you can read the rules and tell me why my post has been hold for the approval.
i have applied for skills assessment from VETASSESS for research and development manager-132511 and it has come negative.I am thinking to review my assessment as i feel my roles and responsibility matches more than 80% of what is given in the AU government website.
Attached is the outcome and reference letter
Please help @Dileep


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