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This is Archis. First of all, congratulations to you for being invited for Visa 491. I am also a civil engineer and am very much interested for Visa 491. Currently my score is 65 without point from nominating state.

Can you please tell me that you have been nominated by which state?
Hi @kayan I got the invite for 190 from Victoria/DHA on May 13th. Not sure if you have applied for 190, but if you have you might get 1 soon.

Best Wishes !!
I was curious to know, why didnt u submit EOI till now? or is it that you have not updated the timelines here ?
@tayyubmajeed assalamualaikum,
I believe your occupation is Civil engineer? Same is mine. What was your score for visa 489? How many days it took for you to receive an invite from the day you filed the EOI? How was your employment verification process with DIBP, and did you also applied for employment skill assessment with EA?
Hi Amar,

Congrats on getting VISA.

So SA will still send invites to offshore applicants who submitted EOI before the special condition apply?

from your case "
I have 75 points (65+10) in total, Submitted EOI on 14th Aug 18 - just 02 days before the category moved into Special Condition status,
Just wish to know your experiences as to how invitation rounds are doing for our category.


hi kir
any update of invitation ??
Aameen soon :(
Hi Kirr, & Shazilhyd

I submitted My EOI 24/12/2019
Last EOI updated 13/02/2020
Invitation Recevied 04/03/2020
Nomination Recevied 24/03/2020
Then bridging visa, Immigration asked for Police Clearence from my home country.
I submiy my police clearence 11/05/2020
Visa Grant 18/05/2020
Now all praise to GOD i am now permanent resident in Australia from Syndey. :)

All the best. :)
Hi @kayan - Any idea if the April round happened today? I was expecting an invite in this round, but nothing yet.

Have you received an invite?

Best Wishes !!
EOI I think is valid for 2 years. Now so many things are uncertain. Given a round of 500, ideally I should get one invite if 95, 100 pointers don't increase significantly.
EOI is indeed is for 2 years from ur initial submit date. I still have 15-16 months left. Hence was checking with you to see if you have some cushion in terms of time. Yes, a 500 number should get both of us an invite. Keep in touch.
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Thanks. For me 17/02 - is the EOI application date. So have some time.
Hello Mohsinciddiki,

I have a doubt regarding my below post. Could you please tell me why it needs approval to post my thread?

Approval requires when you post something anonymously or without signing in to the forum. If you are a member and post something, always keep yourself signed in
Okay, Thanks for the update!!!
Hi Ciaran!

I saw your post on the waiting timeline for doctors, could you please guide on how things are moving for GP's?

I can refer you to one of the professional consultant ( Im not sure if this is allowed here) try searching for Australian Immigration Hub in facebook and you can get the contact details from there. Just let him know that his candidate from Broome refereed you. He is quite straight forward
I also applied for 190 visa for 251312 same as u. Could u please tell me when did u submit ur EOI & when did you received ur invitation?

I submitted EOI 24th decmeber and last updated 13th February with 80 points. do you have any idea that how long do I have to wait for the invitation?

Thanks in advance.
Hi Kirr,

When did you submit ur EOI & when did u received ur inviation? how long u have to wait for the inviation?

Thanks in advance.
Hi Hanish - Did you get the invite in the Feb 11th round?