489 (sa)

  1. P

    Immiaccount updation

    Hello everyone I have a question regarding the immiaccount. I have sent few documents to my Mara Agent to update in the immiaccount. He has sent me an email stating he has uploaded all the documents, but when i logged into the immiaccount I can see the documents date of the first time when...
  2. S

    Timeline for 489 visa grant! 8 months already..

    Hi Everyone, I applied for a 489 SA visa on 15th Apr'19. It's been almost 8 months and I have not received any communication from CO and neither have my employers received any mail/call. It is reflecting "Received" status since April. It seems that people who filed in Aug, Sep have received...
  3. P

    Subclass 489 SS Pathway to 887 - Need clarity!

    Hi There, I'd be applying for 887 in few months could anyone clarify the following as a 489 visa holder- 1) Unfortunately due to redundancy I worked for more than 12months, can produce 54 weeks of salary slips ( which includes xmas+new year holiday's & easter holidays) -my concern is can I...
  4. A

    SA 489-SA-141111-Timeline

    Hi,I have lodged my application on 19th September’19. My Medicals were uploaded on 25th September’19. By when can I expect a CO and grant?
  5. N

    489 refusal

    Hi All, I have got my 489 application refused recently. CO imposes 4020.1 I wanted to ask that would this refusal effect my brother application if he may apply for 476 visa? in refusal letter CO says"Each person included in this decision may be subject to a provision which may preclude them for...
  6. K

    489 visa information

    Hi, I have been received invitation for 489 South Australia. In 2016, I have been refused for student visa for MBA from Canada. Is it going to affect my 489 visa application? Regards, Kamran
  7. E

    Subclass 489 SS 489 visa processing time 2019

    Hello Have anyone applied for 489 SS this year for SA (or other states)? Do you have any status update of how long it takes to have CO assigned and/or visa granted? and anybody knows in what kind of conditions without CO assigned the visa will be granted!?
  8. nnawalage

    Subclass 489 SS CV/resume for subclass 489 visa application

    Hi, I got to know that it would be better to upload a CV/resume while applying for 489 visa. Can someone please suggest a suitable template? My occupation is 261313 software engineer
  9. S

    SA Spouse Skill Assessment(ACS) getting expired during nomination process

    Hi All, My wife lodged an application for 489 South Australia on 4th of July. At the time of submission all the documents which we have submitted was valid. We still haven't received an invitation and my ACS skill assessment (Spouce skill assessment) is about to expire. We tried to get this...
  10. Felix Immanuel

    Subclass 489 SS Got my 489 grant today!!!

    Hello People, This is not a question just an information. Got my 489 grant today after a long wait!!! Hope I can answer some of your questions. Thanks
  11. Amritpal singh

    No progress with 489 visa

    Hello, i have lodge 489 visa for australia at 65 points in april 2018 but i am not getting any update from the department. Neithet the co allotted to my case nor the case is processed.where i can contact?.....if i increase my points by giving pte again ...is there any influence to my case ?
  12. IronMan

    SA Including Brother and Sister-in-law in 489 visa invited pathway application

    Hi All, I have got invitation from SA 489 visa. Can I include my brother & sister-in-law in visa application while lodging through ImmiAccount?
  13. A

    VETASSESS Additional work experience following Positive Skills assessment

    Hi all, New to the forum and I’ve tried searching around but couldn’t see the exact answer. Today I received a Postive Skills Assessment from VETASSESS for ‘Contract Administrator’ (51111). They said I have 2.8 years experience. I wish to submit an EOI for 489 State Nominatied for South...
  14. I

    TAS I have 489 Visa from Tasmania, Can I live in other state?

    Hi all, before 2 weeks I was granted with 489 visa, nominated by Tasmania. The condition is that I can live in any regional or low populated part in Australia. Since, I'm planning to apply for 190 with NSW (soon, when they will open the invitations), in maintime can I move in another regional...
  15. ihamid

    489-SA Further Assessment?

    Hello everyone, My immigration consultant contacted me on 3rd March asking to provide the birth registration certificates of children, marriage registration certificate of wife and evidence of employment of me. I provided all that by 8th March and then after few days I called them up to ask...
  16. NehaPathania

    489 state sponsored (SA) Visa Grant Gang

    Who all are waiting/have recently been granted 489 state sponsored visa (SA)?? Let's use this thread to help Others with timeline processes. I lodged visa on 04th Sept, got CO allocated on 04th Oct. Now waiting for news on grant :)