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Does anyone by any chance have the occupation ceiling data published after 25th May 2020 Round?

As you know, DHA doesn't keep a history of invitation ceiling data, they just replace with new data each round.

I missed the data they published after 25 May 2020 round.

Did anyone by any chance save/take a snapshot of the following page after 25th May round data was published?

Invitation and nomination data are moved to Statistics page

Dear Members,

We now have a dedicated Statistics page where you can check all the results and historical trends through interactive charts. Hence, the individual result posts from this section have been archived (you can still check the old posts through this link if you want to follow the discussions).

All the results we have ever...

Welcome to MD 3.0 - have you checked the new features?

As many of you are aware that we performed a major upgrade of MigrationDesk during the last weekend. The important parts took almost 4 hours followed by several minor tweaks here and there. I am still looking for any existing bugs, but fortunately, haven't come across a lot.

As with each major upgrade, new features are being added to MD on top of the regular maintenance. This time some of you might find the followings useful.

The best debit/credit card for international travel - do not loose money by paying extra fees

This post is entirely based on my personal experience.

Long time ago, the first time I decided not to carry cash while travelling, I started searching for the best option in terms of debit and/or credit card. I know a lot of my friends and colleagues who use regular debit/credit card while in abroad. But I found out that to be a disaster because you'd be loosing in two fronts:
  1. The foreign transaction fees
  2. The poor foreign exchange rate

The first one, foreign...

Which bank to choose - top four or other?

Choosing your bank is not always straight forward, most of the time we end up choosing randomly or based on popular perception without digging into details and mapping which would suit me the most. Hence, let's start discussing here about pros and cons about different banks in Australia.

I'll start with CBA. I think fees and foreign exchange rates of CBA is just insane and awful. However, the large number of ATMs and branches along with a swift customer support and a nice mobile App go in...