1. D

    SA What do I need to put in "Employment History" when I am eligible for "work experience waiver"?

    Hi all, I have submitted "ROI" for Talent & Innovators program and received an invitation to submit a state nomination application (491) under the High Performing Graduate Stream. The email didn't say any information of "work experience waiver", but I believe I have met the requirements for...
  2. intelo

    General Claiming the points for experience obtained before clearing backlog

    Hi All, I'm in a tricky situation. I did my Bachelor of Engineering in Civil Engineering during May 2008- May 2012. However, I had one pending backlog which I cleared only in October 2013. I have been working from June 2012 (immediately after the college, but before clearing the last backlog)...
  3. sky1988


    Hey guys, I hope all are doing good and safe. My wife and me got our PR somewhere in early March, 2020 and then the pandemic struck. First, it was the struggle to get the PR and then the struggle to get into Australia. However, we didn't give up and managed to land in Australia despite the...
  4. H

    Info What is cut of point for laboratory technician / analytical chemist in 190/189/491?

    What is cut of point for laboratory technician / analytical chemist in 190/189/491?
  5. N

    SA Chances of getting invited for 190 when applying for both 190 and 491

    Hi All, I work as a ICT Business Analyst and am planning on submitting the EOI soon. My question is if I submit for both 491 and 190, what are my chances of getting invited for 190? Will Migration SA consider inviting me for 491 over 190 if I apply for both? I have to apply for both due to the...
  6. S

    2019-2020 190/491. Do they impact each other?

    Hi guys, I applied for my 190 and 189 visa with 95 and 90 points respectively. I told my agent to wait and not lodge for 491 but they still did at 105 points. I currently live and work as an accountant in regional nsw. Is there a risk that the 491 has an impact me on not receiving the 190...
  7. E

    NSW 491 nomination chance to 80 points (marketing specialist)

    What are the chance for 80 points to get 491 nomination for marketing specialist (wife’s English is competent)?
  8. Garry567

    ACS Bachelor degree assessed without experience

    Hi there, I have done my bachelor degree in computer application overseas and looking for assess my degree for point base system as I don’t have work experience but I will get after three months where I was confused should I need to assess Australia work experience or I can assess my degree...
  9. H

    Suggestion to choose between 190 and 491 visa

    Hi, Currently I have applied for 190 visa with 65+5 points for Victoria ANZSCO code 261312. Also my points will increase with 5 in November. I need suggestions whether should l stick to 190 or try for 491 as it would be quick to get visa in 491. Also need to know which visa is better?