data scientist

  1. AdnanAS8

    ACS What ANZSCO CODE should I pick as a Data Analyst / Data Scientist?

    Hi guys, I have a Master's degree in Data Science (with mostly Advanced Data Analytics units) and I have been working for over a year as a Data & Insights Analyst in Melbourne. My role is more of a Data Scientist and it involves using SQL , Python , Power BI , Azure Data Factory etc. I have...
  2. K

    Other Data Analyst — which ANZSCO code?

    Hello everyone. I’m very confused at this point which skill to nominate as a Data Analyst. Here are my qualifications: Took 4 years Bachelor’s degree in Statistics Started working as Data Analyst from Mar 2018 - May 2021 (3 years and 2 months) New work now as an Analytics Consultant, same line...
  3. N

    VETASSESS Data Scientist (ANZSCO 224999) Skill Assessment

    Has anyone done the skill assessment for Data Scientist occupation? As per Sept 2019 news letter, the Australian Bureau of Statistics has advised the new and emerging occupation of Data Scientist should use the code 22499 - Information and Organisation Professional NEC. When will this...
  4. S

    ACS Skills assessment for data scientist - post Australian study

    Hi there, I am seeking the best possible way to get my skills assessment done for data science domain. My situation is as follows: Completed 4 year bachelor of engineering degree in computer science from India - degree was ICT major. Worked at IBM, India as an associate systems engineer for 7...