1. A

    Police character certificate

    Can police character certificate be made on id card address instead of mentioning all month and year addresses as in form 80 for the same city?
  2. A

    Flying to Australia

    Can we arrive in australia before the start date of course?
  3. V

    Work experience for 482

    I am in the process of applying for a 482. My prospective employer is a hospital and they have informed me that its very difficult to find experienced ICU nurses. I qualified as a nurse in the UK in 2010 with an Advanced Diploma and have been working full time since, with 3y 5m in ICU. I...
  4. nnawalage

    Subclass 489 SS CV/resume for subclass 489 visa application

    Hi, I got to know that it would be better to upload a CV/resume while applying for 489 visa. Can someone please suggest a suitable template? My occupation is 261313 software engineer
  5. nnawalage

    Proof of address for subclass 489 visa application

    I got to know from a friend that we are supposed to upload documents for proof of Address when submitting visa for subclass 489. However, he could not specify more details on this. Also I could not find any information about this anywhere from the DOHA site or internet. Is there such...
  6. R

    Case Officer assigned

    Region : South Australia Visa : 489 Subclass Provisional Occupation : Illustrator 232412 Points : 75 Points (including State Nomination) Visa Application Date : 27 Nov 2018 Medicals Submitted : 8 March 2019 CO Assigned : 21 May 2019 PCC : 10 June 2019 Please let me know any chances or...
  7. A

    How long a 489 visa is valid for?

    1) 489 visa is valid for how many years? 2) if it is 2 years and I will be able to manage required payslip in 2 years for PR process what will happen? During this PR process after 2 years can I stay in the country? Thanks& regards
  8. S

    VETASSESS Need high points- advice on our case

    Hey guys Im really concerned if the photographer occupation- code 211311 will be removed from the list in 2019-20 .. As of now it is in the supplementary list , which means we need 80 points or more, which seems unlikely as the vetassess score is yet to be received will probably take anywhere...
  9. J

    Incorrect answer on current visa

    I’m currently here in Australia on the first year of my 417 Working Holiday Visa with plans to apply for my 2nd year visa in April and by April 2020 I plan to have submitted my application for a partner visa (820) as I am in a de facto relationship with an Australian. I’m already looking ahead...
  10. L

    General Incoming passenger card country of residence ?

    Hi , so Im from Indonesia but I was a student in Singapore for 2 years and I plan to further my study in Australia I havent been to Australia before and next month is going to be my first time to go to Australia so I was quite nervous So basically , I apply for a student visa but when they ask...
  11. SimBoudry23

    General Will the Immigration department call current and previous employment for verification for subclass 482

    Hi there, I am currently busy with my VISA 482 and being sponsored by a company in Australia to come over. I have to submit some forms in order to process my visa application. One of these forms are a employment reference letter confirming employment at my previous and current company. Will...
  12. MysticRiver

    Australian government is planning to privatize the visa application system

    Interesting decision. It should offload DHA and makes the processing faster, but might result in increased visa fee.
  13. T

    187 natural justice because of army

    Hey I applied for a 187 permanent visa back on 2015. Due some people reported lies to the department they refused my application on 2016. The I applied to the tribunal appeal and I won the case early 2018. Last August department send me a letter s57 natural justice says that : The Department...
  14. atifiqbal1985

    Travel on passport while waiting for Grant

    Hi everyone, I have lodged the visa, and waiting for my grant now. I want to know if I can apply for visa for a visa for purpose of holiday travel to any country (other than Australia), and subsequently travel once I get the visa? Since I have already uploaded Form 80 and mentioned my travels...
  15. R

    How to know what health examinations are required

    Hi everyone, I applied online for a new student visa (I've been in Australia for 10 months now) and I saw on my ImmiAccount that a health assessement is required. I went on the website Bupa to book an assessement and they're asking me what health examinations I have to do. They say it is...
  16. M

    Subclass 189 Regarding form 80 and 1221

    Hey all. Just wondering, where is it written officially on the main website that we have to submit form 80 & 1221? If it's stated, during which stage are we suppose to submit those forms? (EOI phase or Visa Invitation phase) Thanks!
  17. Abby

    Family sponsor stream visa 600

    Hello.. I have recently applied for visa 189 PR from India and have already got the first case officer contact for the application requesting a few documents. My husband is already in Australia and has a PR. now we were looking for tourist visa sponsored stream 600 so that he can sponsor me and...
  18. Rana

    EOI Information

    My profession is Marketing Specialist and i got a score of 7 overall. I’m waiting since September. All the other processes are done(Skill Assessment). Just waiting for the state to open my profession. Is there anyone who can tell me why is it taking so long and how much longer will i have to...
  19. NehaPathania

    Case officer assigned- Skilled Migration 489 visa

    Hi All, My husband is the primary applicant and within a month of lodging for Visa, we received a mail from the CO on 5th Oct - we had to provide additional documents being police clearance and a functional certificate from my side. We have uploaded both documents. How much time does it...
  20. I

    Expression 190 NSW

    I have 65 points in my hand. I am an Accountant. I have studied from Australia. I have applied on 31 July 2017 EOI 190 (NSW). Can somebody tell me, how much time does the NSW migration take nowadays to issue EOI 190 invitation (Not nomination timeframe). Thanks!!