1. A

    Applied for 491 Visa, Biometrics and Health check is required, I don't have my passport.

    Dear all, Good day! I'm in a situation where I applied for 491 Visa - NSW, I received an email requesting me to do the health check and biometrics within a month of time. Recently, I have applied to a job seeking visa, and the process takes at least 3 months. I'm not sure what exactly I should...
  2. N

    HELP! Overseas work experience documents required but NO overseas relevant experience.

    Hi :) After answering all the questions on my 190 visa application I it says 'Overseas Work Experience' documents are required. I do have overseas work experience but nowhere near related to the nominated occupation nor do I have proof of it. What do I do?
  3. N

    NEED HELP!!! What should I answer in my 190 Application for nominated occupation. Claiming points.

    Hello :) I got invited to apply for 190 visa. But I'm having trouble applying at the moment because I'm stuck with some questions. I didn't claim any points for work experience in the EOI. When entering work experience it says: - Is this employment related to the nominated occupation? Which it...
  4. MinMoo

    ACS ACS Skill Assessment letter states longer period of employment than what was submitted. Mistake?

    Hi, I've received skill assessment positive result recently but I believe it outlines wrong date of my employment. Here is a snippet `The following employment afer 10 December 2020 is considered to equate to work at an appropriately skilled level and relevant to ANZSCO Code 261312 (Developer...
  5. C


    I have acquired student visa. I have no experience overseas Australia yet. I cannot get a job in Australia on student visa as my PhD is tough. My age is 40-41 till PhD completion. If I get job in Australia when my student visa gets expired, which visa most suits me to do job in Australia? I can...
  6. Azukalyan

    Natural justice letter

    Hello sir , i got natural justice letter for my long stay in india so i have all proof of my medical by verifed doctor from multi specialist hospital and they also asked me about my course chage from master to diploma but they already gave me visa in diploma 2 years in lowerr education plz help...
  7. L

    General Priority Migration Skilled Occupation List (PMSOL) - 17 occupations

    Supporting Australian business to fill critical skills needs A new priority skills list and strengthened labour market testing will allow small numbers of sponsored skilled workers to return to Australia to fill urgent skills needs in critical sectors, helping to create Australian jobs and...
  8. T

    Info Student visa after 485 Visa expire

    Hi, Is there anyone who was able to lodge a student visa after the expiration of the 485 visa. My situation is that my agent did not lodge my student visa even after my 485 got expired. Now, I am unable to lodge it. Is there any case like this. Apparently, student to student, you have 28 grace...
  9. T

    Info Visa expired and renewal

    Hi all, I made a grave mistake. So, My visa expired 3 days ago and I forgot to renew it. I was currently on 485 and was going to apply for student visa. I am currently enrolled in a college for about 5 months. My question is Can I still apply for a student visa now that my visa has expired?
  10. C

    Working Holiday Visa Extension COVID-19 Enquiry

    Hi All, I have a working holiday visa (subclass 462) due to expire on June 1, 2020. The visa has not been activated because I have not entered Australia yet. Due to COVID-19 and border closure, I am unable to enter Australia before my visa expires. Is it possible to extend the visa?
  11. S

    General Reduced amount in bank statement

    What if my bank statement gets reduced as compared to when I submitted my visa application? Can I use money from my existing bank statement before visa issue?
  12. S

    VIC Victoria State nomination.

    Hi myself Sean. Just being new to this forum and I have a question. Please suggest to me what to do. My visa expires on 1 Jun 2020 and I am thinking of applying for a 190 state visa but I don't really have 5 years' experience. My 5 years would be completed in 2 months say April 2020 but if i...
  13. S

    Consent form for child

    My spouse who is non accompanying my child for travelling abroad has given consent for child travel as follows: Consent for foreign travel of child _____(accompanying parent) has my consent to travel with _____ ( child name) to travel to _____( Country name ). please note that age of the...
  14. S

    General flight booking

    Can I book the flight to australia only when I get the visa? What is frequent flyer number?
  15. S

    General Vietnam visa

    I need to acquire a tourist visa for me and my son for going vietnam, what document do I need to show at airport in my home country and on arrival in vietnam if my husband is in vietnam and hence, not accompanying me from my home country.
  16. S

    General Taking child to Vietnam

    Hi, I need to visit vietnam on tour visa and need to know whether can I accompany my child with me?
  17. B

    ACS Does application of TSS482 need Skills Assessment for Software Engineer?

    Hi, I have read info from IMMI of AU, but still got some question, As it showing on TSS482 eligibility, Have relevant skills, qualifications and employment background to perform occupation If you are the primary visa applicant, you must demonstrate that you have the skills and experience...
  18. A

    Evidence of custody description in student visa

    I am accompanying my child and not my spouse. I have NOT uploaded evidence of custody of my child being a parent at the time of visa submission by viewing following information in attach documents section in immiaccount for evidence of custody. By this description does home affairs mean evidence...
  19. A

    Police character certificate

    Can police character certificate be made on id card address instead of mentioning all month and year addresses as in form 80 for the same city?
  20. A

    Flying to Australia

    Can we arrive in australia before the start date of course?